Cambridge Counselling Service is a network of private-practitioner counsellors from the Cambridge area, who are all interested in helping widen access to counselling and in helping people get their lives on track. We are the largest private counselling service in Cambridge and we work from private offices near Stourbridge Common in Cambridge that have been especially designed and built for counselling. The usual fee for counselling for individual adults is:

Rate 1:


We also have a range of lower fees that are available on request for people with a household income of less than £50k per annum:

Rate 2 – For people with an annual household income of £30 to £50k the fee is:


Rate 3 – For people with an annual household income of £21 to £30k  the fee is:


Rate 4 – For people with an annual household income of £20k or less the fee is:

£55 per session 

Rate 5 – For people with an annual household income of £20k or less who want to see an associate counsellor, the fee is:

£20 per session

Rate 5 sessions are with associate counsellors. These are counsellors who are in the latter stages of training. If you want to explore the possibility of working with an associate counsellor, we are likely to offer you an one-off initial consultation session with one of our qualified counsellors, which will cost £55.  At the end of this session, which some people find therapeutic in itself, we will either set up appointments for you with an associate counsellor or recommend a range of other options for you.  Cambridge Counselling Service is one of the few places in Cambridgeshire where longer-term low-cost counselling is sometimes available.

The initial sessions can be booked by e-mail or via the answering service. Please tell us in advance which rate you want to pay. We sometimes arrange a short telephone conversation before the initial appointment, lasting up to 10 minutes. Book an initial appointment now.

Selection of the appropriate fee rate:

The appropriate fee rate is agreed in discussion with your counsellor. Each counsellor has a different number of sessions available at the different fee rates – and some counsellors have a limited number of sessions at the lower fee rates and/or will only offer lower fee rates for a limited period of time. There also tend to be a very limited number of sessions available in the evenings and weekends at the lower fee rates.

In setting the appropriate rate, we normally suggest that annual income is based on family income (eg including partners or, in the case of students, including parents). However, in some circumstances, the fee paid can be based on personal income, rather than family income (eg during a separation process). Furthermore, we normally suggest that people with the ability to draw on significant savings or assets (including occupational pensions or property) should pay a higher rate than applies to their annual income level.

Note: Counsellors will often charge higher rates (eg £100 per session) if funding for the counselling is from an employer, insurer or other organisation or if the counselling involves a particular specialism or approach that involves more time commitment in and outside sessions or training (eg EMDR trauma work or working with children and/or families).

Discounts for long term work

It is sometimes possible for people in certain circumstances (eg student counsellors in training) to request a lower fee rate for long term work (ie having counselling for a year or more).

Other services

Couples counselling: costs £100/session for couples. Lower rates are also sometimes available to couples with a household income less than £30k, in negotiation with your counsellor and depending on availability. If you are looking for a reduced fee, please ask at the time you make the initial inquiry via email or phone. Couples work tends to take place over a shorter period of time than individual counselling. Most couples attend for 2-12 weekly sessions (with some staying longer if they need to).

Child and adolescent counselling: costs the same as adult counselling, depending on the household income of the parents (eg £80 per session for children of parents with an household income over £50k/annum). Child and adolescent counselling is with counsellors who have specific training and experience in working with children and/or teenagers.

Counselling funded by organisations for employees: we offer counselling for organisations and employee assistance programmes. This costs £150 per session. The first two sessions involve a full assessment. The fees covers the initial assessment (and referral if necessary), the counselling, any liaison with the organisation that is required (within strict confidentiality rules) and invoicing.

Coaching: We offer executive coaching, transition coaching (for people dealing with, for example, complex change, a new role or redundancy), resilience coaching (for people dealing with stressful or difficult circumstances) and life coaching. Coaching is available at £80 per 50-minute weekly session if self-funded (with discounts occasionally available to those on lower incomes) or £300 per 90-minute session (usually taking place fortnightly or monthly) and £160 per 50-minute session (weekly), when funded by an organisation. Coaching is often purchased by organisations in blocks of six 90-minute sessions, which take place monthly – or on a monthly payment basis which includes one-session per month and up to two ‘laser coaching’ 10-minute phone coaching sessions. Coaching can take places at our office but can also take place in the coachee’s location, depending on availability of a suitable room and travel time for the coach.

Supervision for coaching and organisational development practitioners:  available at £65 if self funded or £150/session if funded by an organisation. Discounts are sometimes available to those on lower incomes (eg to £60/session).

Supervision for counsellors, psychotherapists and medical or mental health practitioners: available at £65 if self funded or £150/session if funded by an organisation. Discounts are sometimes available to those on lower incomes (eg to £60/session). Lower rates are also sometimes available by negotiation to small local charities and social enterprises.

Group counselling/therapy and training groups are priced depending on the group.

Paying using private insurance

Our counsellors are registered with a range of private medical companies, including Aviva, PruHealth, CPA, Cigna and Benenden Healthcare. We can accept referrals from GPs or psychiatrists, subject to the terms of your health insurance provision.