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For people who struggle to make ends meet, private counselling is not always an option. And, via the NHS, waits for counselling of several months are common and the number of sessions available is usually limited to six. Far too long for far too little if you are in a crisis.

Ed Tuffnell, one of the counsellors who works with Cambridge Counselling Service, has been addressing this issue.

Ed has raised funds to offer 20 extremely low cost sessions of counselling via CCS and, possibly, other organisations in Cambridge, to those who are struggling with their mental health and have few financial means.

This is roughly six months of sessions allowing for breaks - and is often considered the minimum amount of time needed to see someone through the worst of a crisis or allow them to begin to affect real change.

Ed ran 50km on 10th October 2021, which was World Mental Health Day - and managed to raise over £2000.

To make a donation visit the following Go Fund Me page:

Help provide low-cost counselling to those in need