Low-cost counselling

Low cost (rate 5) sessions are usually with associate counsellors. These cost £20 per session for weekly sessions. Anyone with a household income of less than £20k/annum can apply for rate 5 sessions. If your household income is over this threshold or there are other circumstances that mean you are limited in your ability to pay for counselling, please get in touch, it may well be possible to arrange something.

Associate counsellors are in the latter stages of training, Some have completed their training entirely but require additional hours of work in order to achieve registration or accreditation.

If you want to explore the possibility of working with an associate counsellor, we are likely to offer you an one-off initial consultation session with one of our qualified counsellors, which will cost £55.  At the end of this session, which some people find therapeutic in itself, we will either set up appointments for you with an associate counsellor or recommend a range of other options for you.

Cambridge Counselling Service is one of the few places in Cambridgeshire where longer-term low-cost counselling is sometimes available.

The initial sessions can be booked by e-mail or via the answering service. Please tell us in advance if you would like low-cost counselling. Book an initial appointment now.