Placements for counselling and therapy trainees

Cambridge Counselling Service offers placements to students of counselling and therapy who are looking to build up their practice hours. We call the trainee counsellors we work with ‘associate counsellors’.

We are unusual in that associate counsellors working at Cambridge Counselling Service operate in a similar mode to the fully qualified counsellors who are members of CCS: independent contractors working directly with their clients. The associate role includes managing payments from each of your clients and organising work along similar lines to having a private practice (including using the payment from your clients to then pay for the room usage at CCS and taking a contribution towards your supervision costs).

We have been working with associates since 2010 and a number of associates at Cambridge Counselling Service have gone on to become full members of CCS, when they have achieved registration or accreditation.

We have supervisors available at CCS, although it is sometimes possible for associates to have external supervision from their training organisation or similar.

We usually ask for at least 60 practice hours from anyone applying to be an associate counsellor, although we will accept 40 hours if you have relevant experience from another area (for example, working for the NHS, working as a coach, having a background in mental health work). For this reason, most of our associates come to us as their second or third placement.

If you are interested in discussing a placement please email over your CV in the first instance with a cover email, to