The counsellors

Tanya Brown

Hi, I’m Tanya. I work as a counsellor and psychotherapist with adults and young adults.

I offer a relationship-focused and down-to-earth approach to therapy. With compassion and empathy, I will seek to understand your personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. We will explore how your experiences have affected the way you view and feel about yourself and your circumstances. We will focus on using your strengths and the things that you will learn about yourself, to work out the best way to integrate these insights into your current circumstances and therapeutic goals.

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Emma Lockhart

Hello, I’m Emma. I am an integrative psychotherapist and counsellor and draw on a wide range of theories, techniques and research, to guide my practice and adapt my approach to different client needs.

I have wide-ranging experience of working with clients who are struggling with low mood, depression, anxiety, mood swings, relational difficulties, relationship breakdown, concerns or difficulties relating to identity, gender and sexuality, grief, trauma, parenting issues, pre/post-natal challenges and depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, stress and difficulties at work. I am particularly experienced in working with young adults and those engaged in academic work and study.

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Kathy Sutherland

Hi, I’m Kathy. I work as a counsellor, supervisor, and coach.

I have experience of working with people with many different issues. For example, loss of direction in your life, dealing with change, relationships, depression, bereavement and pregnancy issues. My style is interactive with a common-sense conversational approach. I think it is important to work in a collaborative and encouraging way: one size does not fit all. I therefore work in an integrative way and try to work with you in a way to suit your needs. I have worked with lots of different issues in a variety of settings including a NHS GP surgery, Cruse, Centre 33 and the Cambridge University Counselling Service.

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Dr Liz Chapman

Hi, I’m Liz. I work as a counsellor, psychologist and supervisor. I am also the co-founder of Cambridge Counselling Service.

I’ve worked with people with lots of different problems – and I would be interested in talking to you, whatever brings you to counselling. I also have particular experience of working with people with eating and weight-related problems and with people dealing with stress or anxiety.

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Louise Lowth

Hi, I’m Louise. I work as a counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor.

My counselling work covers many different issues or problems – so please do get in touch whatever you are dealing with. I have particular experience in anger management and in working with people who want to build their self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Penny Price

Hello, I’m Penny. I work as a counsellor in Cambridge.

I have experience of working with various problems, such as stress and depression. I am also especially interested in working with self esteem issues and in working with people who feel they may have lost sight of their real selves.

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Erica Briscoe

Hello, I’m Erica. I work full-time as a counsellor.

For me, the therapeutic process is about much more than ‘getting rid of a problem’; it is about growth and freedom. When we are well, our relationships with ourselves and with others are open and flexible; we can express who we are through our work and our creativity; we can balance our emotional, intellectual and physical responses to the world around us and we can make meaning of our experience.

I have worked with a wide range of issues, from depression and anxiety to loss and isolation. I have particular experience of working with people managing difficult family relationships. I am also especially interested in working with the body to help people regulate troubling or overwhelming feelings and find ways to let go of recurring negative patterns.

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Mark Gawlinski

Hi, I’m Mark. I work as a counsellor, psychotherapist, executive coach and supervisor. I am the co-founder of Cambridge Counselling Service.

I am a gestalt therapist: my way of working is here-and-now focused, with a particular emphasis on our embodied awareness in relationship.

I am experienced in working with people facing a range of difficulties, including depression, anxiety and relationship problems. I particularly specialise in helping people deal with work-place challenges – and have lots of experience working in media, new media, technology, healthcare, and academic organisations. I’m kind of a nerd therapist – and a therapist for nerds.

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Ed Tuffnell

Hello, I’m Ed. I work as a counsellor and psychotherapist.

Suffering and the search for meaning are inescapable aspects of our life, from the acute distress of losing a loved one, through to the yearning and despair we can feel at losing our connection to purpose and meaning. I imagine that it is your feelings of being in some way unhappy or dissatisfied with your life that has led you here.

While we can learn and grow from our suffering, it does not negate the fact that some of these experiences can be incredibly scary and painful. I hope I will be able to help you in dealing with whatever you’re facing, and support you in realising whatever is coming into being in your life.

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Katie Bardes

Hello I’m Katie, I am a counsellor, psychotherapist, coach and trainer.

When we meet, I will listen and ask questions to explore what brings you to counselling or psychotherapy, and what you want to develop for yourself. I see you as an individual with your own unique set of experiences and life history that informs how you relate to yourself and to others. I will be curious about you and your life and will want to build a way of working together based on trust and respect. It may be that you have a particular issue, problem, behaviour or goal that you wish to work on – or perhaps you’re experiencing a more general sense of anxiety, depression or burnout. Whatever it is that brings you to this work, we will work in a way that is inclusive of all aspects of your experience.

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Cassandra Manning

Hello, I’m Cassandra. I work as an arts psychotherapist and counsellor and I use both talking therapy and creative practice in my work. I aim to bring a down-to-earth and open approach to my practice, with the intention of building strong and collaborative working relationships. I usually aim to work on a mid or long term basis, so 16-20 sessions (4-6 months) or more.

My training is Integrative, meaning I use a range of complementary theoretical view points in my practice, and the possibility of exploration through creative process. This flexibility allows a unique approach for each individual.

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Beatriz Serrano

Hi, I am Beatriz. I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and a mindfulness teacher.

My training is based in mindfulness and this could offer you a way to connect with yourself more fully and to develop practical skills for self-listening. This can be helpful if you find yourself disconnected from your feelings or having difficulties in understanding, communicating and/or relating with others.

I am fluent in English and Spanish.

Hola, mi nombre es Beatriz. Soy psicologa y psicoterapeuta y estoy acreditada por la Associacion de Psicoterapeutas del Reino Unido. Mi Master en Psicoterapia integra la psicologia de occidente con tecnicas de mindfulness del este (conciencia/atencion plena).

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Tim Shuker-Yates

Hi, I’m Tim. I am a counsellor and psychotherapist, working with both adults and adolescent clients. Having trained as a psychodynamic counsellor, I have expanded my practice to integrate other relational ways of thinking, such as a more person-centred approach and creative practice.

My experience is in working with clients on a range of issues, such as depression, anxiety (including panic attacks), low self-esteem and low confidence, assertiveness and a lack of direction, trauma from abuse, bullying, issues of sexuality and gender identity as well as anger management. More important than all of this however, is that someone feels safe and comfortable enough working with me to explore what it is they are facing and, as such, I usually offer longer terms of practice.

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Eduardo Bort

Hi, I am Eduardo.

I am a counsellor working with adults and young adults.

Living with high levels of anxiety, shame, or fear for a prolonged period, can negatively affect the way we perceive ourselves and others. It can make you feel misunderstood, lonely, and disconnected from society. Dealing with these symptoms can feel overwhelming. However, having a safe place where you can talk freely can be the first step towards understanding and processing painful emotions.

I am fluent in English and Spanish.

En mi experiencia sé que con el apoyo necesario y pudiendo expresarte en tu propia lengua y tus propios símbolos, con alguien que entiende, las cosas pueden mejorar.

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Kathryn Reardon

Hi, my name is Kathryn. I work as an integrative psychotherapist with adults and young adults.

Central to my work is a personal and deep understanding of the need to be seen, heard and respected. As this experience can be denied to many, I offer a safe, confidential space where pain can be witnessed and repaired in the context of a warm, non-judgemental, and responsive relationship. As each one of us is unique, I tailor my approach to your individual needs and will be committed to supporting and encouraging you as we work through your feelings, experiences, and relationships.

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Fran Patrick

Hello, I’m Fran. I provide therapy which is non-judgmental, encouraging and compassionate, to support you in meeting life’s difficulties. Counselling offers an accepting and confidential space where you can talk about your worries and explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

Meeting at a dedicated, regular time, we work collaboratively to enhance understanding and gain further insight about your life. People find that this leads to a sense of clarity about recurring patterns of behaviour, where you have felt stuck, or feeling lacking in confidence. Through this greater sense of awareness, it is possible to make changes that help you to cope or to take decisions that will enable you to live differently.

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Joy Strachan

Hi, I’m Joy. I work with a wide range of issues, covering work and personal life. As an integrative relational counsellor, I provide a supportive, empathic and non-judgmental space; where feelings can be safely explored together, to enable a deeper understanding of yourself.

I strongly believe in our capacity as human beings to thrive rather than just survive and our right to be our authentic self, living a joyful, satisfying life. If you feel you would like more from your life or you are suffering from a particular issue such as anxiety, grief, relationship difficulties or work/academic related issues, I would love to hear from you.

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Sarah Christiansen

Hi, my name is Sarah, my pronouns are she/her. I have a BA in Theology and Counselling & Psychotherapy and I am working towards a MSc in Psychology. I trained in an integrative model, which draws mostly on psychodynamic theory. I observe behaviours, relational patterns and the communication of the body, which can reveal symptoms of trauma, often beginning in infancy. As such, I steer away from pathologisation and blame.

My practice is inclusive and affirming to all, in particular the LGBTQ+ community. It is important to me to facilitate a space that is safe, to explore all aspects of identity; creative expression, gender and sexuality – and what that means to each individual.

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Rebecca Ledzion

Hi, I’m Rebecca (she/her) and I work as an arts psychotherapist using talking and creative processes with warmth and sensitivity, to explore your strengths and difficulties and whatever brings you to therapy.

I focus on the here-and-now, asking you to pay attention to what your body and feelings may be communicating, which can help you to make sense of patterns in relationships and offer you more choice.

I draw on research into the neurobiology of body-mind connections, which can be particularly relevant if you have experienced trauma. You don’t need to be good at painting or drawing to use the arts for expression, increasing awareness, facilitating growth and supporting well-being.

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Network counsellors

Network counsellors at Cambridge Counselling Service are counsellors we know and respect who tend to work either online or at other locations. We will sometimes recommend a counsellor in our network if you want to work online or would benefit from a counsellor with a specific set of experiences or training:

Inka Frajnt: Whether you are looking for relationship counselling or individual work, I’m here to help you explore the issues that matter to you, bringing insight and understanding to enable you to find your way through problems and dilemmas. My way of working is integrative, drawing upon systemic, relational and gestalt methodologies. When working with you or you and your partner, I bring warmth, creativity, empathy, confidentiality and humour as well as challenge into therapy sessions. I have completed a BA and a MA in Psychology (Maria Skłodowska-Curie University, Lublin, Poland) and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (Southern Connecticut State University, USA). I’m a registered member of BACP.

Susan Norman: I am trained in transactional analysis (TA). TA is a theory of personality and a system for personal growth and change which offers a range of models that can be used to explain communication and relationship  patterns. Many TA concepts are simple to learn and apply, making them  very accessible and effective. My approach is to  share effective therapeutic tools with clients to clarify thoughts, empower the self, explore feelings, support change and create a space for healing to occur.  I am particularly interested in family systems and the way in which communication patterns are both established and maintained. I have worked with individuals and couples across a range of different issues. I have a MSc in TA Psychotherapy, a BA (Hons) Social Policy.  I have completed certificate courses in relational couples work, working with depression, working with abusers and victims of abuse and somatic trauma therapy. I am a registered member of both UKCP (UK Council  for Psychotherapy) and UKATA  (UK Association for Transactional Analysis)

Matthew Aylen: I am a psychotherapeutic counsellor, mindfulness teacher and personal coach. I have a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and I have also completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapeutic Counselling. This means that I have been trained in a number of different psychotherapeutic approaches, and can call upon the best approach to help you. My areas of interest and specialty include men and masculinity, anger and rage, and the mid-life transition. Having said this, I also work with women and non-binary people and with issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction and many others. I adopt a trauma informed approach, and I tend to work at depth with the unconscious and at a somatic/body level. I am a registered member of BACP.

Tal Frydman: In my psychotherapeutic practice I aim to create a place for you to calmly, safely and attentively explore the questions and issues you are facing in your life. I will work with you, using your own pace and boundaries as guidelines, to deepen your understanding of yourself and your circumstances, create meaning and connection and to give relief of the pain or anxiety that you may be experiencing. As well as working with individuals, I specialise in couples work and psychosexual therapy. I hold an MA in clinical psychology, I am a registered member of BACP and I am a trainee member of COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists).

Susie Renshaw: I am an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist with a background in university counselling services, workplace counselling and private practice. I also have a Masters in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health. I can help adults with a wide range of issues in either short-term or long-term counselling. My areas of interest include working with people going through changes in their lives (such as loss, separation, career change or migration). I help people to manage the stages of transition, to cope with the psychological impact of being in a liminal space and to make sense of life’s changes. I have been an accredited member of the BACP since 2007.

Dr Aneesh Shravat: I am a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (CPscyhol, AFBPsS), with 10 years’ experience of working as a HCPC registered Practitioner Psychologist. I have worked in a variety of NHS and charity settings including an internationally renowned neuropsychological service and I am currently a Lead Psychologist in a Cancer Centre based at Addenbrookes Hospital. I have a warm and friendly approach. I use different evidence based therapeutic approaches including CBT, ACT, and Compassion focused therapies and I am trained to undertake Mindfulness based therapies too. I firmly believe in establishing an effective therapeutic relationship and use a gentle empathic approach.


Associate counsellors

We also have a number of associate counsellors, who are counsellors in the late stages of training.